Monday, July 4, 2011

Double Wedding Weekend!!!

I accidentally double booked my weddings this past weekend & life was crazy! With the summer's heat, i ended up arranging through the night...working 10pm-3am, sleeping for 3hrs, designing 6am-11am, sleeping during the day, etc. 2 days of that! Plus set up on one of the hottest days of the year.....needless to say, i'm glad it's all over, and will never do that again. However, it was a joy designing both weddings! Here are so photos......

The first wedding was for Ali & Chris. They were married at a barn in Livermore, and their reception was at the Martinelli center. They had all wild flower bouquets in magenta, yellow, orange and white. My absolute favorite were their centerpieces! Jars of all different sizes with candles, and bottles with flowers for a random, eclectic look. It was glorious making these arrangements!

My second wedding was for Catherine & Ben. They were married at a local church in Pleasanton, and the reception was at a home near by. They had all elegant flowers include roses, mini callas and green coffee berries. It was a joy making the arrangements for their special day!

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