Sunday, December 25, 2011

Miss Marie and Mr Mikey

It was such a joy to do the flowers for Marie & Mikey's wedding..... Marie was a previous roommate and still is a close friend. They were married on the 17th and requested simple bouquets of  white roses, hydrangea, mini callas and purple lisianthus! Her wedding was lovely & i wish her and Mikey the best, as they enter into this new season of life together!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Daly & Matt

I did a small wedding this weekend, just bouquets and bouts...but nevertheless it was lovely! The bride, Daly Sims, works at APU and had a wonderful choice of white peonies and peach garden roses for her bouquet. For her bridesmaids, yellow and white cushion mums, dahlias, billy balls and a scabiosa pods. The guys bout were scabiosa pods & billy balls tied in twine.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Double Wedding Weekend!!!

I accidentally double booked my weddings this past weekend & life was crazy! With the summer's heat, i ended up arranging through the night...working 10pm-3am, sleeping for 3hrs, designing 6am-11am, sleeping during the day, etc. 2 days of that! Plus set up on one of the hottest days of the year.....needless to say, i'm glad it's all over, and will never do that again. However, it was a joy designing both weddings! Here are so photos......

The first wedding was for Ali & Chris. They were married at a barn in Livermore, and their reception was at the Martinelli center. They had all wild flower bouquets in magenta, yellow, orange and white. My absolute favorite were their centerpieces! Jars of all different sizes with candles, and bottles with flowers for a random, eclectic look. It was glorious making these arrangements!

My second wedding was for Catherine & Ben. They were married at a local church in Pleasanton, and the reception was at a home near by. They had all elegant flowers include roses, mini callas and green coffee berries. It was a joy making the arrangements for their special day!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Krissa & Nick

Krissa & Nick are from Seattle but we're married in Livermore. Their ceremony was at a beautiful church & the reception was at one of my favorite winery's, Rios Lovell. Her flowers were mini calls and white roses. With fun button mum & mini calla bouts. She had cylinder centerpieces with limes and dahlias floating in are so photos, Enjoy!

Catherin & Casey

 Catherine was my Jr high leader years ago and she recently became a married woman! Her and Casey had a lovely wedding! The flowers were very traditional and it was such an honor to arrange them for their wedding day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lisa & Chris

I started off the 2011 wedding season with Lisa & Chris! Their wedding was at one of my favorite venues in Livermore; Murrietas Well. I have to admit though, i was a little nervous about the see, I quoted her for all peonies but, I overestimated that they would be in season now....they weren't. However, thank goodness for cherry blossoms! They have potentially the same look & when mixed in, you can't tell the difference! I especially enjoyed the brides bouquet with pearl & diamonds mixed in, as well as tied in lace.... There were feathers incorporated in the bridesmaids bouquets & lastly their garland was all paper flowers. Here are some photos!

I also made this bouquet for a mock wedding shoot & portfolio piece! I love all the colors and different textures included! There's peonies, fiddle ferns, billy balls, tulips, orchids, roses heather, poppy's and some greenery.